Friday, July 27, 2007

Looks Like We Have Our Scapegoat

Cubs fans get made fun of for many things: Loving an always losing team, having a beer garden as a ballpark, and throwing blame for losing on a Goat, a black cat, and a Bartman. Things are going well this season, with the Cubs making a great case to make the playoffs this year. The cynics are beginning to chirp though, "How will they blow it this year?"
Well, I think we have our possible scapegoat just in case things go south.
Kathryn O. of has written an interesting post about how she thinks that she is a jinx on a player she calls "Uno." Maybe this is a weird pet name that only Kathryn O. and this player understand. The unnamed player is obviously Alfonso Soriano. (Extensive research concludes this, as in we talked to somebody at Proof Daily). Click on this link to read her whole story, Kathyrn O.,: I'm A Jinx, about her convincing argument that she is, in fact, a jinx.
We can't argue with her. Kathryn O., you're a jinx. No way around it. It's good that you've gotten this off our chest now. You, unlike Steve Bartman, have the chance to avoid living in a cave the rest of your life. Please do all Cubs fans around the world that want to see just one World Series win in their lifetimes a favor and just stay clear of him. Or if your jinxing powers work on other players, go shack up with Prince Fielder or Ryan Braun.
Kathryn O., please remember: No sexing Alfonso until November.

(Update: Kathryn O. doesn't remember all the baseball stats like how we are all able to , but it is in fact Soriano that is being talked about.)
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Anonymous said...

How is it Soriano - The lady said "uno" hit 2 homers in a game and soriano hasnt done that this year. so how do we come up with soriano?

Anonymous said...

it's a girl who didn't even know who he was, you're expecting her to accurately remember baseball stats?

Anonymous said...

Soriano hit three in a game in Atlanta, then proceeded to go 0-4, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-5. Trust us, we researched it.

Rick said...

That's true. I was at the game where he hit 3. The next day the first pitch he saw was at his head. I figured the ensuing slump was due to him being uncomfortable in the batter's box after that, but now I guess we know the real reason.

Tom. said...

uno is a great name of him. This girl needs to back off until the season is over. i'm sure el uno won't be too happy, but all of the cubs fans will!!