Friday, March 28, 2008

Chicago Tribune Creates Unofficial Jay Mariotti Inbox

Jay Mariotti is a shock-jock type columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. It's hard to believe that he actually believes in what he's writing, but it's easier to believe he's writting solely to get a reaction.

Now, most reactions to Jay's articles are negative and the next appropriate thing to do is to blog about it or simply email Jay Mariotti about it. Well, the Chicago Sun-Times has limited it to one option, as the ability to email Jay has been taken away on the Sun-Times website.

And who are the people who bring this up or noticed it first?

Naturally, the Chicago Tribune.

As the silly newspaper war continues on, the Trib has made a makeshift message center for those who would like to comment on Jay Mariotti's writing on the Chicago Tribune website. You have to keep it to 300 characters, but you would also have to read Mariotti in order to comment on something. So why is the Trib giving Mariotti free advertising and publicity?

Whatever, I'm done trying to understand what's going and I currently don't have the time to do it. I've got a 300 character F bomb fest to write up.